her smile

today, 18 years ago,god has fated a girl to born.
she was born from a mother’s womb without any single string.
her father and her mother smiles full of joy seeing she’s born completely.
they sacrifice their time and money only for her succeed.
and the time goes on….
now she is the brightest girl i ever saw.
yes, it was you i was talking about.
a girl who can dragged me to your world.
if i could whisper to you today even only once,
i wanna “say happy birthday girl”.


2 Tanggapan to “her smile”

  1. Wey Mas ! Hidup di dunia nyata Mas ! Jangan ngurusin yg di alam khayal ! Nge fans boleh tapi jangan berlebihan ! Dia punya kehidupan sendiri yg bisa rusak krn hal2 kayak gini !

  2. haha, ini bukan tentang chaca, it’s bout other girl…..

    ane cuma curhat kalo susah bgt buat ngucap met ultah buat dia…..

    kalo gak berkenan maaf gan 🙂

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